Utility to format the flash controllers Prolific PL-2515 (PL-2515 B, PL-2515 C / D). 

Utility to format and create a password-protected partition on the flash controllers firm Prolific PL-2528. 

The utility for USB flash drives on the controllers firm Prolific PL-2528. The controller is mainly used in the flash ADATA. In addition, the archive contains instructions for working with the utility in Chinese, the controller datasheet and a list of compatible memory chips.
 Connecting the flash, run the utility, if flash not detected press F1 (Detect). 
 To format a press spacebar (Start). 
 Once formatted ...

Utility to format the flash company A-DATA. 
Presumably work with flash controllers Prolific.
 Who earns the utility, please write in the comments of the type of controller, VID & PID flash. contains information about the flash in the base iFlash . 

Utility to format the flash controllers firm Prolific. The program can handle hidden partitions and create a bootable flash. 
After installing and connecting the flash drive with a supported type of controller in the system tray icon will appear in the utility.Through it you can call up a menu format.

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