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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to find the right tool for your defective USB

1. The very first step in determining if your USB Drive is fixable is to check if it is still detected in your PC. It will be easier to determine it with the use of the latest CHIPGENIUS. (Click here to download)

After downloading it, extract it to desktop and double-click the application. CHIPGENIUS icon looks like this: (Be sure to run it as administrator if you are running Win7.)

2. Plugin your defective USB Drive in order for the program to detect its hardware information. (Be sure to plugin 1 USB drive 1 at a time so not to mix up the corresponding tools to be used.)
CHIPGENIUS window will show all devices connected to your PC's USB ports. Be sure to select the right USB drive from the list of devices.

3. Take note of the detailed information displayed by CHIPGENIUS. The most important details to list down are the:
a. Chip Vendor - lists the utility for the USB Drive.
b. Chip Part-Number - lists the CPU chip used in your USB Drive.
c. Flash ID Code - lists the Flash chip used in your USB Drive.
d. USB Device ID - consists of two IDS: VID - Vendor ID & PID - Product ID.

4. Search for the Chip Part-Number from the corresponding Chip Vendor Download Page and download the right tool. Sometimes there will be a number of tools that will appear in a single search so you will have to do a trial-&-error method, start from the first tool until you find the right one which will fix your USB Drive.


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